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Save Time & Money with Conflict Resolution in Irvine, CA

DAVID HOSMER offers mediation services and conflict resolution in Irvine, CA, and throughout the counties of Los Angeles and Orange. The casual environment with structured communication gives everyone an opportunity to be heard. Trial attorneys can confidently bring clients to David Hosmer, an experienced and trained mediator.

Courtroom for Legal Mediation - Irvine, CA

Reducing the Emotional Burden

Mediation lifts the emotional burden involved in a lawsuit because instead of letting a stranger make a decision, the clients are able to make their own choices about their lives. People often come into mediation feeling angry, but within a short amount of time, they start to talk in a more civilized manner. This allows for a resolution everyone agrees upon.

Importance of Listening

David specializes in listening to people. When people come to mediation, it gives everyone a chance to talk and listen to each other. David gets clients to open up about themselves and productively discuss an injury or conflict they're dealing with, how it happened, and how it can be resolved. Both parties have the chance to speak to each other in front of him. This often results in finding solutions that both Parties can accept. A mutually agreeable settlement concludes the litigation, and the case is dismissed.

A Fast Process

Mediation is often a faster process than a trial, saving Parties from having to make a huge time and financial commitment.


"You mediated three difficult cases for me. Quickly and intuitively sizing up the personalities, you brought all three to a successful settlement. Thanks for the dedication and perseverance." - Thomas E., Esq.,

"Showing kindness, empathy and understanding, you were able to get my case settled. You are an extremely skillful mediator." - Sally K., Esq.

"Thank you for your tenacity, demeanor and professionalism. Your approach and decorum were instrumental in achieving a settlement in our difficult case." - Gary P., Esq.

Mediating the Litigated Case

During the course of litigation, the judge will often order the Parties to mediation.

DAVID HOSMER is an experienced commercial and business mediator in the following types of cases:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Corporate & Business Diputes
  • Partnership Disputes 
  • Real Estate  
  • Probate Matters
  • Personal Injury
  • Complex and Multi-Party Cases
  • Multi-National & Cross Cultural Party Cases